Welcome to The KENYA Airlift Affiliate Program

As our affiliate partner, you can help us make an impact in the lives of brilliant Kenyans and at the same time make some money out of it while doing it!
At KAP, we make affiliate marketing easy. We give you a unique link that you can share with your audience and every time someone uses your link to apply and enroll into our fantastic program, you earn a great commission.

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Accurate Tracking

Our device-level tracking ensures you get paid for every single referral. You can also track all your referrals through your affiliate partner portal.

Dedicated Support

You receive dedicated account management support to address any issues that you may have

Training & Education

We educate our affiliate partners with in-depth online marketing training created by our own team of experts.


Amazing Offers

We have 4 different levels of commissions for our partners.

  • 0-100. Bronze (Partners at this level earn $25 for each referral)
  • 101-200. Silver (Partners at this level earn $40 for each referral)
  • 201-500. Gold (Partners at this level earn $70 for each referral)
  • Over 500. Platinum (Partners at this level earn $100 for each referral)

Monthly Payments

We pay your commissions on a timely monthly basis.